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A Pre-qualification is based on borrower (buyer) submitted data and information, that is not reviewed by underwriting prior to a pre-qualification letter being issued to the borrower. A Pre-qualification is a quick process and is based only on the information provided by the borrower. The prequalified amount is not a sure thing; it’s just the amount the borrower might expect to be approved for once submitted to underwriting. A loan officer will be conservative on pre-qualifications  due to rounded figures being used that are not final.


Corp. – Local Hampton Roads Home Loans

Top Local Online Mortgage Loan Officer (Lender) who assists with pre approval process through the entire home loan purchase experience.

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Our FairwayNOW app has a built in, user friendly Mortgage Home Loan calculator
Click HERE to download and start using Today!
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What’s the difference between pre-qualification** and pre-approval*?

A loan pre-approval is a creditor report indicating the maximum mortgage loan you qualify for. The creditor will first assess your financial history, looking at your earnings, credit report, assets, and other relevant financial information. With mortgage pre-approval, you will have a clear picture of the home value you can afford, while showing that you are a serious buyer. Obtaining pre-approval can put you in a much better position than other buyers who are putting in offers on the same house. A mortgage lender will be easier to find with pre-approval, and you can lock in an interest rate and other conditions that will work for you.

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Mortgage Pre Approval*

What is a mortgage pre-approval* and how does it affect me?


A pre-approval, on the other hand, is an official application. The creditor will review your complete financial history and give you an offer in writing for your qualified loan at a given interest rate. Even with a mortgage pre-approval, your loan must be underwritten, a due diligence process completed in the last phase before granting a loan, once you have a home under contract.


If pre-qualification is the audition, then pre-approval is the dress rehearsal for the show that is actual loan application. Without getting into the financial particulars, a creditor will use a mortgage pre-qualification to provide you with an estimate of the mortgage value you will likely qualify for and some preliminary loan terms. With an estimate of your credit rating, the creditor can give you some projections, including the expected purchase price of the home you can afford, your down payment, monthly debts, and possible ways to structure your loan.

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When shopping around for , you have the best chance of receiving the lowest possible interest rate by visiting a wide variety of creditors. Locking in a lower interest rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your mortgage.

With Fairway Mortgage Home Loan’s user-friendly mortgage rate tool, you can compare current loan rates of interest, whether you are a first time home buyer looking at a 30-year fixed mortgage or a longtime homeowner comparing refinance mortgage prices.

Personalized mortgage prices

Use our mortgage rate tool to find the most competitive mortgage prices on the market right now. Simply specify your desired zip code and then let us know whether you are buying or refinancing. After clicking on Get Started, you will be prompted for the home’s cost or value, the size of the down payment or present loan balance, and your credit score. You will receive a personalized rate quote, without providing any identifying information. From there, you can begin the process of getting pre-approved for your mortgage. It’s that easy!

By entering your contact information, you are providing express written consent for Corporation to contact you at the email and number you provided via telephone, mobile device, automated means like autodialing, text SMS/MMS and pre-recorded messages, even if you are registered on a corporate, state, or federal Do Not Call list. You are also acknowledging and agreeing to our terms of service and privacy policy. Consent is not required to use our services.

**A pre-qualification is not an approval of credit and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met.

*Pre-approval is based on a preliminary review of credit information provided to Corporation which has not been reviewed by Underwriting. Final loan approval is subject to a full Underwriting review of support documentation including, but not limited to, applicants’ creditworthiness, assets, income information, and a satisfactory appraisal.

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