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Beautiful Home in Hampton Roads

It is possible to leap into a new home without stress and have peace of mind. We all have to live, but why not live it well? We all have dreams and desires but do we go after them? Don’t give up on your dream!

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You get to define a beautiful home. Peaceful, open, spacious, updated, great location, nice yard. It is all attainable!

Before going after your beautiful home, lets do a quick Q & A…

Q: “I dream of the perfect house but am scared of the responsibility. Is there a way around this fear?”

A: “No fear! You aren’t wasting money with an investment so it is a healthy, fruitful responsibility. Also, you can get a home warranty to cover your home of parts and labor for many things. Our agent will ask the seller to pay for this in your contract when you buy.”

Q: “If I am renting and can’t get out of my lease, how do I time this correctly to even explore buying?”

A: “Well first off, renting is burning money in a fireplace. If you can get a home paying about the same or less than your rent, run after it.”

Q: “What if my credit is too low?”

A: “People tell us this all of the time but if you are relying on an app to tell you this, you might want a second opinion. Regardless of the score, we can advise you with what to do.”

Q: “What if I can afford it but I can’t find what I want?”

A: “You still need to know what you qualify for on paper. The cart before the horse is tempting but wisdom is getting a solid prequalification first.”

What it means to choose us….

We are a team of loan officers and real estate agents who have diversified knowledge in the industry but WE ARE…

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