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Howard Hanna Real Estate ServicesA CONVERSATION WITH

Jill WIlliams

Jill Williams at Howard Hanna Real Estate Agent - REALTOR® - Realty
Jill Williams – Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Jill Williams, known by her friends as “Wonder Woman” she brings passion, energy and focus to her yoga practice and real estate deals. She puts the OM in home buying & selling.

How often is it that we meet someone and say to ourselves: “I would like to be more like her?” It’s easy to feel that way once you get to know Jill Williams. She is strong but not overbearing, friendly, soulful, and has a spiritual, worldly wisdom that will put you at ease. Remarkable!

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Upon sitting down for a conversation with Jill Williams, there is one thing that becomes obvious almost immediately: she has a lot of energy, both mentally and physically.  She has a cheerful and outgoing disposition where she effortlessly comes across as friendly and engaging.  With a trim and athletic build, one gets the impression that she is really into fitness – and she is!  For starters, Jill teaches yoga a few times a week, and her students are enthusiastic about her classes, but not because her classes are gentle and easy – that’s not Jill’s style.  Rather, Jill has a following that wants to be challenged and pushed, but they also come to her classes for the themes of compassion, acceptance and gratitude. While she teaches an “all levels” class, everyone is instructed to do their best, not to overdo it; find that balance between strength and surrender, effort and ease, and absolutely enjoy their practice.  For Jill, that might be the best way to describe part of her life philosophy; she strives to find that balance, makes time for fun, and knows when to be tenacious while staying grounded.
In addition to yoga, Jill enjoys outdoor sports such as hiking, bicycling, swimming and kayaking.  She proudly tells of winning her first ever triathlon, the Edenton Paddle, Pedal & Plod, but then confesses with a laugh that “there really weren’t that many people competing that day.”  She is a true “outdoor jock”, which is what prompted a friend of hers to call her a “gorgeous tomboy.”  But what is most interesting about Jill’s attitude – indeed, one can call it a “life philosophy” about fitness – is how it fits into her personal concepts of love and self-compassion.  “That’s what I love about yoga:  we practice mindfulness which reduces stress, while shaping the body and opening our heart.  It’s a very positive force in my life.”
I was surprised when Jill told me she has been an agent for three years; she struck me as an experienced and knowledgeable professional on par with others with many years of experience.  When I asked her why people might want to use her as an agent, the answer was impressive: “It’s very important to get to know each client very well – that comes first.  It’s essential that I build a relationship so that I know the best possible way to care for each client. I work within my client’s realm, including their way of thinking, their perspective, and their pace.”  In this way, Jill adds, “My clients are very confident that they are in good hands.”  Having a good work ethic evidently helps, based on Jill’s online reviews from past clients.  She has a lot of raving fans, to be sure.
I was also intrigued when Jill described what it means to be an effective agent. “I find it similar to being a yoga instructor or tour guide. My clients are about to go through an experience/journey that’s often challenging both emotionally and financially, and can also be full of surprises, from the home inspections, negotiations and securing a loan if buying.  I know I can help them every step of the way, and that’s very gratifying.” So what does Jill like most about being an agent? “That’s easy, I love the diversity of each client and their unique situations – navigating each step of the process with them or for them. I work hard for my clients with all my heart and soul.”  She adds, “On more than one occasion, after a real big win or accomplishment, my broker Sandy will say, “They just didn’t know who they were dealing with!” 
If you have any doubt about that, do a web search for her client reviews and see for yourself.      – by Steven Kirkpatrick

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Jill’s Customer Reviews

Julie HowellHome Buyer Read More
“Jill was amazing to work with as we went through the process of buying our first home. We knew what we wanted and she had our back the entire way giving advice and helping with negotiations. With her experience, she was able to advise us to ask for more repairs and got us a better deal. She recommends great inspectors and all the best people. With Jill, we never had to worry about anything! 100% would recommend her to everyone!”
Louise FrancisReal Estate Investor Read More
“Working with Jill Williams was an amazing experience. She responded promptly to all of my emails and went above and beyond during the closing process. Thanks Jill!”
Amber PeperisPersonal Friend Read More
“Jill Williams is such an amazing person! She puts others needs before hers. She has gone way above and beyond to help me and my small boys. She helped me move half way across the US asking for nothing in return. She is truly Wonder Woman!”
John “Puck” PuckroppHome Buyer Read More
“Jill Williams is a wonderful person and a wonderful person to work with as a realtor. Jill was just awesome throughout the whole process of buying my home. I’ve already recommended her to someone else. She was just wonderful!!!!!!!!! The beach home she helped me pick out…I could not be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Dan JonesPersonal Friend Read More
“Jill Williams is a hard worker and helps make the workplace better for her customers, clients and coworkers. Most cannot keep up with her due to her endless energy and enthusiasm!”
Dannie and JenniferHome Buyers & Sellers Read More
“We wanted to take a minute to say how great our home buying and selling experience was all because of you. Your honesty and determination gave us complete confidence in your handling of the process. Thanks again!”
Al GavalyaHome Seller Read More
“Six days on the market QED.”
Randy RainesReal Estate Attorney Read More
“My law firm and I had an opportunity to be involved in a closing involving Ms. Williams. Her representation for her client and handling of issues that came up during that closing was first class. I highly recommend her services, either on the buyer side or seller side for your realtor needs. It was truly a pleasure working with Ms. Williams and Howard Hanna, and hope to do so again.”
Ted RodriguezHome Seller Read More
“Very easy to understand realtor and explains what and how to market a home. She has gone over and above what needed to be done to prepare my home for sale. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their homes. Lovely lady that could be my realtor anytime.”

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