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Verity Group with Keller Williams EliteA CONVERSATION WITH

Nick Tremps

Nick Tremps has a lot going for him. He is polite, intelligent, handsome (obviously!), and an absolute pleasure to speak with.

From time to time, I meet someone who just dazzles me with their promise and potential. After speaking with Nick Tremps for a while, I thought to myself: “This guy is going to be a star. If he were a startup company, I’d buy stock in him.”

My first impression of Nick Tremps was very straightforward: he makes a good first impression.  We met at an open house in Suffolk on a mild, sunny day in February. Nick has a friendly, calm and easygoing manner that is instantly relaxing yet also engaging.  Nick is a newcomer to the real estate business, having joined the Verity Group of Keller Williams just a few months ago.  His temperament, sentiments, and goals are ideally suited for his chosen profession; he has a solid foundation to build upon to become an outstanding real estate agent.
As a college student, Nick excelled as a player for the UVA golf team.  Shortly after graduation he “turned pro” and spent about five years slugging it out as a professional golfer, competing in tours all over the world.  Alas, to make it as a pro, you need to be a truly excellent, outstanding golfer.  Being good, or even very good, isn’t nearly good enough.  Also, here’s an interesting fact: being a pro golfer can be expensive; you pay for your own travel, meals and accommodations while on tour.  That can add up pretty quickly; you need to take home some serious prize money just to break even. 
Another interesting thing about Nick is that his father, Dean A. Tremps, is a two-star Major General in the Air Force at Langley AFB, with the impressive title of: “Air National Guard Assistant to the Commander, Air Combat Command.”  General Tremps has been proudly serving his country since his pilot training days in 1988 at Laughlin AFB in Texas.  He also does some civilian work, flying long haul trips for United Air Lines to distant places like Bahrain and Frankfurt.
So, why become a real estate agent?  Nick will be glad that you asked that question, because he has a very good – and very interesting – answer.  In his studies of American Government at UVA, Nick became particularly interested in local government issues, including the nature of the relationships between local public officials and their citizen constituents.  Nick is very civic minded, and has a strong desire to become an active participant in his community.  As he explains it: “My comfort zone is having a place and purpose in the local community.  To me, it just makes my life more meaningful; it gives me purpose and a positive outlook.”  Wow!  Just think about that for a minute… Let it sink in…
When Nick decided to put his golf clubs in the closet and find a new profession, he quickly concluded that being a real estate agent might be a good fit, so he did some investigating.  The more he looked, the more he liked the idea.  Then he met Heather and Steve Heishman at Verity Group.  Nick beamed with delight when he described what happened next: “After meeting Heather and talking to her for a while, I knew for sure that I wanted to be part of her team.”  “Really,” I asked, “is she that good?”  Nick replied with an enthusiastic affirmative: “Heather and Steve are great people.  I’m just really excited to be working with them.”
Nick understands that it may not be an easy way to earn a living, at least in the early years, but he is supremely confident that he will succeed.  He describes himself as very “process oriented” and that through a regimen of daily discipline he can meet his long term goals.  As he put it: “The best way to meet your goals is very simple: hard work, discipline, diligent practice, and learning.  That’s why Keller Williams was so appealing to me – their training and support are excellent.  Then I met Heather and Steve, and that sealed the deal.”
Meeting Nick is like sitting in a Saturn V rocket about to take off.  Fasten your seat belt Nick – you’re going far – and fast!

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