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Steven Kirkpatrick
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Rosalind Levy

"Rosalind Levy is a rare find; quietly ambitious, thoughtful and gracious. But don’t be fooled by that mellow exterior. She is supremely confident, highly ethical, and determined to work tirelessly to serve the best interests of her clients."

Steven Kirkpatrick


Rosalind A. Levy

By Author Steven Kirkpatrick
- Mortgage Loan Officer at Fairway IMC.

Roz Levy is on a mission – a mission to become the best real estate agent in Hampton Roads. From the look of things, she is well on her way. I first met Rosalind Levy at an open house; I was instantly impressed with her – and how polite and engaging she is – I almost felt like I was talking to an old friend instead of someone I just met.

Any decent Realtor will agree that they are in the “relationship business” but what does that really mean? It’s so easy to say that you “care” about your clients, but how do you actually carry out this doctrine in your busy and eclectic workaday world? It certainly helps if, like Roz, you have a deep seated, faith based conviction that we are here to make the world a better place. Roz truly savors the deep personal satisfaction she finds in helping and guiding others – she demonstrates a subtle but powerful conviction that I think of as having a “service heart.” The more we talked, the more I saw; Roz is a bit like an onion, composed of multiple layers, each more authentic, genuine, and caring than the previous layer.

Roz has a low key, laid back demeanor; but don’t let that fool you. She is a determined dynamo beneath a calm and easygoing exterior. As she puts it: “Some people might think I’m too laid back – that I’m just too relaxed all the time.” She doesn’t try to dazzle and impress, and she certainly isn’t the type to brag about anything. “I’m a really good listener. Let’s face it, you can’t learn anything while you’re talking; I like to focus on what other people are saying. It helps me pick up on subtle cues so I can understand them better, and also see the big picture.” So there you have it: Roz is highly observant – she thinks through the details, anticipates what others might think or do, and can pick up subtle cues in the way people talk and act. (Good characteristics for a Negotiation Expert and real estate agent!)

So why become a real estate agent? When she bought her current home, the ever observant Roz saw an opportunity for a new career. As she put it: “I felt I could do a much better job than my own agent. I saw an opportunity and a chance to excel at something new; I jumped at the chance and have never looked back.” She obviously found her calling: “I love what I do. My business took off almost immediately, and in just a few years I won my first Bronze Award from the Hampton Roads Realtor Association. Then, I won silver three years in a row but,…” she adds with a smile: “next year it’s going to be gold.” For Roz, this was a rare moment: speaking with pride about her accomplishments.

When I asked her what it takes to becomes successful, her answer was quite revealing: “First you must accurately assess yourself; you have to be true to who you are and honest with who you see in the mirror before you can ever be successful. And then reassess – every day – in order to continue growing.”

Roz Has over 100 glowing, five-star reviews from past clients, both buyers and sellers. An underlying theme in many of these reviews is the deep bonds that Roz forms with her clients. In fact, it might be more appropriate to refer to her past clients as “raving fans” because they are obviously thrilled with her.

Here are just a few tidbits from her adoring fans:
• “I strongly recommend her because she gets to know you as a person… and you feel comfortable.”
• “I definitely believe that Rosalind is gifted in her craft.”
• “If you choose Rosalind as your realtor, it will be one of the best decisions you will probably ever make!!”
• “There is nothing more valuable than an agent who listens and is not pushy”
• “She established an open and honest rapport with me quickly… and trust came easily!”
• “I cannot say enough great things about Rosalind Levy!”

Keep in mind that there are more than 100 reviews every bit as glowing and enthusiastic as the few listed above. I suggest you go to her page on Zillow and take a look for yourself. Better yet, just pick up the phone and give her a call.

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