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Teall Haycock
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Pandora’s Soap Box

Chicken Little Redux

Remember Chicken Little? It’s a children’s story about a chicken who gets bonked in the head by a falling acorn. She immediately comes to the conclusion that “the sky is falling” and that the end of the world in near. She runs about screaming and urging everyone she meets that NOW IS THE TIME TO PANIC – THE SKY IS FALLING! What intrigues me about this story is how it represents an unfortunate characteristic of human behavior: that is, a tendency to look into the future and see lots of doom and gloom.

Pandora's Bio

Pandora is a tenacious and somewhat snarky Jack Russell Terrier. Pandora periodically practices profound puppy punditry from her paper pulpit, presumably postulating on pertinent people, politics, and partnerships. She lives in Chuckatuck on a small farm that she shares with six cats. This no doubts accounts for her somewhat edgy attitude.

Once a Dog, Always a Dog

I love being a Jack Russell terrier.  I mean, it’s pretty cool just being a dog – but being a Jack Russell dog is totally awesome. I have lots of energy, can run, and jump like I’m on a trampoline.  What fun!  I drive my Mom (Susan) crazy sometimes, especially when I chase the cats.  I can’t help it – I live with six cats and I love each one of them so much and I want to play with them all day.  Alas, I guess I give them the jitters because they always scatter whenever I go after them.

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